Friday, February 5, 2010

Flickr Friday - Top Children's Portraits

     There are many photo-sharing websites and each one has its particular benefits and shortcomings. I've been using Flickr and really enjoy it. The great thing about Flickr is the Photographic community and the interaction between photographers. It is very easy to mark other's photos as favorites or add them to personal galleries. You can also add your photos to similar interest photo groups. The only problem with Flickr is that any one can upload photos of any quality. That is why I like to browse high-quality photo groups like "Top 20 Children's Portraits."

     Top 20 Children's Portraits is a sort of Child Portraiture competition that is open to everyone. This group is unique in that there can only be 20 photos in the group at one time. The point to this group is that when you add your own photo you delete one other photo from the group (the portrait of the lowest quality). The newer photos are at the top of the list and the older photos are at the bottom. Therefore, only the photos that everyone agrees are the best make it to the bottom (winning) position. The winning photos can then be placed in the discussion thread for the winning photos of that month. It is so much fun to browse the winning photos to get ideas and inspiration for future photo shoots!

Here are a few of my favorite winners!

     Note that although Flickr has a content filter, strong discretion is advised. By no means to I endorse all the content on Flickr or any of its groups.

peek-a- boo, originally uploaded by sarah in pisces water.

Portrait 1, originally uploaded by Melgo2K.

point, originally uploaded by Sinong Tatay Mo?.

Who Needs A Smile......, originally uploaded by espressoDOM.

Noor Eats Paper.., originally uploaded by Ronald de Bie2009.

my wish for you, originally uploaded by Sinong Tatay Mo?.

, originally uploaded by Drea001.

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